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appraisals estate planningABA offers a full range of expert appraisal services, specializing in providing timely formal valuations of home and business pieces for probate, tax, estate settlement, or estate distribution purposes.

For forty years, Mark Blechman – America’s Best Auctioneer – has worked with banks, attorneys, trusts, and private clients across the country in providing comprehensive appraisal services. ABA’s thorough, well-researched fair market value (FMV) appraisals have earned Mark a solid reputation for integrity and prompt service. ABA appraisals have been accepted by state and federal courts across the country.

Several levels of service are available in order to meet any need. Contact ABA by phone at (203) 975-8400 to determine approximate costs and discuss special needs or requirements.

Less formal evaluations can also be arranged as needed. We’ll work with you to determine the exact level of service you need.