Get Ready To Experience A New Kind of Auction!

Better Experience AuctionWe think you’re going to love America’s Best Auctioneer.

If you have visited another auction house – local or one of the big houses – you are probably familiar with a catalog or numbered lots system. The auction house chooses 100 or 200 lots and sells them one after the other. It’s a tried and true – if somewhat boring – way of conducting auctions.

We don’t do that.

What sets us apart from most other auction houses is that our auctions are “by request”; meaning only the items requested by the attendees during the preview period will be brought to the auction block.

Since each of our auctions features approximately 2,000 individual lots to choose from and we conduct an auction every weekend in a different city and state, a printed catalog would be out of date within 7 days. Plus we get a lot of last minute consignments whenever we arrive in a new location. And, really, we think it’s more fun if YOU get to decide the catalog for the auction.

All our inventory for the weekend is displayed in the room. We open the doors one hour prior to the auction and the attendees get to physically inspect everything that’s available. You can inspect rugs from all angles to see how the light changes. You can hold a set earrings to your ears to see if the shape is right for your face. You can hear the ring of the crystal against your fingernail. If after inspection you are interested in seeing something come to the block, just let our staff know. That’s it. You like it, you request it, and you bid on it.

You are never under any obligation to bid on anything you request and we’ll answer any questions or expand on a description before, during, or after the auction. Our auctioneer will even stop the bidding if you are not 100% sure you understand what’s going on. We make auctions easy, interactive, and fun.

How many other auction houses can say that?

Come give it a shot – we think it’ll change how you look at other auctions.

Check out our Buy At Auction page to read up on the whole process.