Welcome to your first ABA Auction!

First Time Auction ConfusionWe think you’re going to love buying at auction. It’s an experience as much as an opportunity.

When you arrive at the auction site on Saturday or Sunday, an ABA team member will be on hand to greet you and give you a quick tour of the auction room(s). You will be shown where to register for the auction and directed to preview the area to see the lots we have available for auctioning.

This is very important.

There are A LOT of auction lots to view and inspect. Often more than 2,000 individual pieces. As we do not often specify the condition of everything that is sold during the auction, we hope you take advantage of the auction preview period to personally inspect and research any items that catch your interest.

Rugs have details attached, artwork often has certificates affixed to the back, furniture usually has a spec sheet available.

If you have any questions about a particular item, just ask. We’re around and more than happy to answer any of your questions. Or you can ask another attendee…some of our clients have been coming to our auctions for years and they can often answer any questions about the process. And you might make a new friend! This is a social event as much as a sale.

There is one hour to inspect, preview, and request lots prior to the live auction, so be sure and arrive with enough time. Touch it, flip it, stroke it…please don’t lick it. By taking your time to touch and feel the lots, you can ensure that you make an educated buying decision that leaves you happy and at ease. As a first time auction buyer, your complete satisfaction with the process and the piece is essential. We want you to come back! And, as opposed to internet-only auctions, you can physically inspect the item – so take advantage of it!

The auction itself will be made up of the pieces requested by you – the attendee – so only the items you’ve requested will be brought up to the auction block. You are never under any obligation to bid just because you requested an item, so be sure to tell our guys what you’d like to see brought up to the block. Our auction only works if you participate.

If you are looking for rugs, our men will be happy to move and open any rug. Be sure to look at it from both sides, in and out of the light. Come prepared with your size requirements and color palette and we can make some suggestions.

If you are looking for jewelry, our jewelry expert is behind the cases to answer all your questions. All our jewelry has been inspected, so if we say it’s a diamond or 18k gold, we will stand behind that 100%.

Some items may be too big for you to move alone. We have several options for movers, so just ask and we’ll help you get a quote.

Check out our Buy at Auction page to read up on the whole process.