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auctions with America's Best AuctioneerAuctions have existed in almost every industry in almost every country during almost every century. Auctioneering has adapted and changed over the years and today stands more popular than ever. Auctions continue to be a highly efficient and effective tool for the buying and selling of all kinds of goods in all kinds of markets.

But – most importantly – they’re fun, entertaining, and theatrical.

America’s Best Auctioneer is proud to continue that long tradition. Our goal is to entertain as well as educate. To continue to make auctions accessible to everybody. Auctions are all we do.

Estate Auctions

An estate auction is simply an auction to sell off some or all of the material possessions owned by a person who is recently deceased or who must dispose of his or her personal property to facilitate a move. ABA does not deal in the real estate, so we’ll never auction off a house, but everything else is fair game. Furniture, decor, jewelry, fixtures, appliances, motor vehicles, toys, books, clothing, firearms, equipment, statuary, and more.

Some of our past estate auctions have included: the Gimbel Estate; the M. Whitney Estate of Long Island, New York; the Alathea Smit Estate of New York; the Estate of G. Long of Greenwich, CT; and many others.

With more than 40 years experience doing estate auctions, ABA has a long list of real estate professionals we have worked with in the past. If you need a recommendation or have some questions on how to begin, contact us and let us help.

If you are a real estate professional looking for a creative way to market a home, we can help with that too.

Business Liquidation Auctions

A business liquidation auction poses similar yet divergent expectations and challenges from an estate auction. ABA has decades of experience is dealing with the specific needs of a store- or office-closing event in connection with foreclosures, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, divestitures, and Chapter 11 proceedings. ABA can even provide a guaranteed financial result where required by the seller.

Past business liquidations have included: French Country Living of Greenwich, CT; American Arts of Buffalo, NY; Life Technologies; WG Trading of Greenwich, CT; English Heritage Design of Devonshire, UK; and many others.

Charity Auctions

ABA has a long history of working with a variety of charities in mutually beneficial arrangements. We happily support various direct-recipient organizations whose main objective is to provide aid and comfort to a particular group or community, as well as certain other non-profit organizations with a humanitarian mission. In fact, any non-profit organization with a 501 (c) 3 federal designation is a possible candidate. No group is too large or too small; we can assist a charity on any budget level.

The financial particulars of each auction, i.e. percentage of charity proceeds, will be handled on a case-by-case basis depending on several factors; including the location and size of the auction, length and involvement of preparation required, and other such particulars.

Whenever possible, ABA prefers to hold the auction at the charity’s  location, or some other location with a connection to the beneficiary. For instance, the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation of Westchester County held their auction on the grounds of the Davis G. Osterer Cerebral Palsy Center in Rye Brook, New York. The Susan Fund chose Staples High School of Westport, Connecticut, where Susan Lloyd Davis, the namesake of the charity, attended high school.

If the auction is to be held off-location, ABA will work with the beneficiary to choose an appropriate location for the auction. As a general rule, the more prestigious the location, the more attention the auction will draw.

Past charitable recipients and sponsors have included: American Cancer Society, Bergen Museum of New Jersey, Connecticut Audubon Society, Covenant House, Greenwich Historical Society, Long Island Philharmonic, Mamaroneck Rotary Club, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and more than 50 others.

ABA can also provide professional auction services for your event if all you need is an engaging emcee that gets attendees bidding.

Online Auctions

America’s Best Auctioneer is taking great strides into the modern age of auction. Look forward to finding ABA auctions online in all the newest platforms, including mobile and app.