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We at ABA have been anxiously awaiting the premiere of Animal Planet’s new reality television series, Money Barn, and the time finally came last night. For those of you who made the mistake of not watching the show, Money Barn is a reality television series in which our own Mark Blechman, America’s Best Auctioneer, is featured.

Four auctioneers are allotted a limited time period to enter a barn – the rural version of a storage locker – and appraise the items inside. Then each auctioneer makes a pitch to the barn owner with a guesstimated guarantee of how much profit they can make with the items at auction. Each auctioneer has their own area of expertise – of course Mark has the best art world expertise on the show. As Animal Planet has described, “Four Auctioneers enter a barn and only one comes out.” The competition is fierce and the volatile prices are fiercer.

Asking Mark what he thought of the other auctioneers he responded that he learned from each auctioneer and was impressed with the knowledge that the each had. As for comments on the snide remarks from a certain female auctioneer, he said that it was all in good fun. “Everyone on the crew is so talented I am thoroughly impressed and had a blast the entire time.” Mark stated.

Mark is no stranger to the spotlight, having been on the center stage of the auction block for over forty years. Don’t let his age or impeccable experience scare you, all of you Connecticut-based antique and art collectors out there should know that Mark is still just as young and exciting as he was the day he started out. As you can see in one of the episodes he references the great time he had in the 1960s…

We loved seeing our auctioneer on the television screen – and we’re sure you will too – so if you haven’t done so already, get out there and check Animal Planet’s local listings for the next airing of Money Barn. Yes, we know, the show has nothing to do with animals. However as Animal Planet is proud to proclaim; they are “surprisingly human”, and that applies to auctioneers as much as penguins.