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Change of Schedule

Change Happens – Be Aware of Upcoming Auction Schedule Changes

Change of ScheduleThe auction business tends to move quickly. When working with consignors and lawyers, it is considered standard for schedule changes and corrections to happen on a frequent basis. It’s simply the nature of what we do. The most important thing is for buyers to remain alert for changes to upcoming auctions or risk missing out on an auction that may have been of great interest to them. We always say, ‘you never know what you may find’. This is only true if the buyer can find the auction.

Since we conduct auctions every weekend in different states, it isn’t unusual for a bankruptcy or liquidation auction to be announced or cancelled with relatively little advance notice. This could be due to a sudden financial emergency or change in circumstances on the seller’s part. Divorces double the likelihood of a change happening to a scheduled event.

America’s Best Auctioneer does its best to keep our clients and customers informed. Our email club is your best resource for staying updated on the very latest news about the auctions happening (or not happening) near you. We’ve automated many features, so notifications of changes to the schedule can go out almost instantly. Sign up and stay in the know.

Our Upcoming Auctions page is updated frequently, and is your next best option for staying updated on the very latest news about the next America’s Best Auctioneer auction coming near you. We try to give our customers as much advance notice as possible so they can consider their needs and budget. We don’t just wing our auctions and we never suggest a buyer do that either.

Buyers can also just call us. America’s Best Auctioneer loves its customers. The only reason we have been able to do this for as long as we have is because of our buyers. We are always available to answer questions or dig up more information. Give us a call at +1 (203) 975-8400 and we’ll be able to update you on any changes.