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auction results that matter

Auction Results That Matter

Auction results are usually a tally of pieces and prices. For us at America’s Best Auctioneer, it’s not just about the price when the hammer falls. It’s not just great deals and bargains on art, jewelry, or home decor. It’s about making our customers’ lives better. Finding you the perfect gift. Finishing your home in a way that livens up your living space. Selling the clutter that opens new possibilities.

Adding joy.

Those are the auction results that truly matter to us. It’s why we’ve been in the auction business for more than four decades. We are going to share some of the stories we’ve collected over the years of travelling throughout Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Not just to toot our own horn, but to maybe give you some new ideas of what you can do when you partner with America’s Best Auctioneer.

A home in Radnor, PA completely redone with merchandise from ABA. An office atrium in Long Island made more inviting with America’s Best Auctioneer.

Maybe you’d like to share your story with us. Share some joy of your own.

I hope you enjoy this new feature.