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One of the most frequently considered aspects of anything you may own or are considering buying or selling is value. What is this worth? The answer is unfortunately too often complicated and variable.

America’s Best Auctioneer is here to help.

We offer evaluations in many forms: before consigning or buying at auction we can provide an auction estimate. After buying we can provide an insurance evaluation. At any point in your collecting or buying process we can assist in making sure you don’t fall victim to not having this important piece of information. And, in many cases, we’ll do it free of charge!

Auction Estimates

Buying or selling, knowing what price you can realistically expect is key. Appraisals are formal declarations of the fair market value of an item. An auction estimate is a real-world, brass tacks evaluation of an item to determine what something would likely sell for today – at auction or retail.

ABA will consider age, quality, condition, and – this is crucial – recent past performance in evaluating your treasures. We try not offer fixed price declarations, so a range will be determined.

But What Is It Worth?

“Worth” is a tricky thing. We evaluate for how much something is likely to sell. No sentimentality, no speculation. An item once owned by your grandmother may be priceless to you but valueless to a buyer. An original watercolor selling for $10 on the street today may be a museum piece in 20 years. Only you and time can determine worth.

Auction estimates are just that, estimates. Some items may sell for more and some for less. ABA has 40 years experience evaluating lots so we’ll put up our record against anyone. Fill out the form below and let’s get started.

Insurance Evaluations

An Insurance Evaluation conducted by ABA is the determination of a replacement value of an item. Usually for insurance purposes, we will consider age, quality, condition, price paid, and recent past performance to determine how much it would cost to replace an item today if that were to be lost or damaged.

Our auction clients automatically receive a free Insurance Evaluation on all lots purchased from ABA at auction for more than $1,000. Additional evaluations can be purchased for a reasonable fee.

For more than 40 years, ABA has been assigning replacement value to items and our certificates have been accepted by all major insurance companies nationwide.

Walk-in Estimates

Walk-in auction estimate evaluations will be conducted on a weekly basis without appointment or charge for up to 8 items. Calendar will be announced soon.

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