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Mark Blechman

Mark Blechman, President and Auctioneer of ABA, was born September 6, 1946 in Houston, Texas. Mark’s success and longevity in the auction world can be traced back to his great grandparents who were known art brokers in Vienna, Austria during the late 1800s. His grandparents passed on this history and passion for art, antiques and collectibles at an early age. As the founders of one of the first International Art Brokerage houses in the United States, they surrounded Mark with art and antiques from around the world in his early youth. Their commitment and dedication to international artistry in various forms has been carried on by Mark and ABA.

Mark spent numerous years traveling the world and worked for a time in the art brokerage field like his grandparents. In 1976, wanting to do something more challenging and helpful for those in need of assistance, his attention turned to estate and charity auctions. Auctions offered Mark an opportunity to use all aspects of collectible and antiques knowledge he had earned, and combine it with the desire to give something back to the community-at-large. He is proud to have represented the hundreds of charities that have contacted him over the years.

Realizing the importance of education, Mark holds a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts, a Masters Degree in Art History, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He is also a Certified Appraiser with the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA) and holds an auctioneer’s license in several states.

Mark made his television debut on the reality show Money Barn on Animal Planet in 2014. His witty-yet-acerbic personality was met with great enthusiasm by the nationwide audience and has led to many requests for guest appearances as an auctioneer and host.

Mark lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife, a practicing physician, and their two sons.