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The Four Ds of Auctions

The Four Ds of Auctions – Death, Debt, Divorce, and Downsize Why do people choose to sell at auction? It’s a question we get often. There can be a myriad of reasons – buying and selling for profit is the most obvious – but we find it more often falls into one of these four categories. Death Debt Divorce Downsize Auctions are agents of change. Very few people sell off their life’s possessions for a happy reason. But, the light for us – as auctioneers – is that for better or worse, we know we can help people going through a major life…

viewing your art collection

building an art collection

4 Steps to Building an Art Collection The other day, a new-ish client at an auction asked, “How do I start an art collection?” I realized this is not the first time I’ve been asked this question. It’s not even the hundredth time this has been asked. Many people feel intimidated by the idea of collecting art. What if I pick the wrong style or artist or subject? The short answer is: there is no such thing as the wrong way to start. There is no wrong way to collect. Art is personal. So long as you are happy, you’re…


Lithography: The History and Process

What is Lithography? Lithography is a method of printing from a stone or smooth-surfaced metal plate that dates back to ancient times. Lithography can be used to print text as well as art onto paper and other materials. The hydrophobic (water-repelling) portion of the image serves as the “positive” while the hydrophilic (water-retaining) portion serves as the “negative.” Upon contact with a compatible printing ink and water formula, the ink adheres to the positive section of the image and the water clings to the negative, thus allowing a much better outcome than older physical printing methods such as intaglio or…

Change of Schedule

Check Auction Schedule Page Often

Change Happens – Be Aware of Upcoming Auction Schedule Changes The auction business tends to move quickly. When working with consignors and lawyers, it is considered standard for schedule changes and corrections to happen on a frequent basis. It’s simply the nature of what we do. The most important thing is for buyers to remain alert for changes to upcoming auctions or risk missing out on an auction that may have been of great interest to them. We always say, ‘you never know what you may find’. This is only true if the buyer can find the auction. Since we conduct auctions every weekend in different…

remington bronze

Focus On: Bronzes

Focus On: Bronzes Bronze art sculpture is hard, durable and corrosion­resistant and some has survived for millennia. Most people who have an affinity for bronze art sculpture hope to be able to look beyond the physical shapes and surfaces of a particular work and see its soul. In early times, the creation process was often spiritually linked, with the ultimate outcome of a pour considered dependent on their gods. Bronze sculptors and foundrymen were held in high esteem, and technical and metallurgical secrets were carefully guarded. Modern bronzes, of course, lack such intimate spiritual linkage, but they still require an…

auction results that matter

Auction Results That Matter

Auction Results That Matter Auction results are usually a tally of pieces and prices. For us at America’s Best Auctioneer, it’s not just about the price when the hammer falls. It’s not just great deals and bargains on art, jewelry, or home decor. It’s about making our customers’ lives better. Finding you the perfect gift. Finishing your home in a way that livens up your living space. Selling the clutter that opens new possibilities. Adding joy. Those are the auction results that truly matter to us. It’s why we’ve been in the auction business for more than four decades. We are…

focus on sapphires

Focus On: Sapphires

Focus On: Sapphires Sapphire is often used interchangeably with the color blue. But, in actuality, as it pertains to jewelry, sapphire is gorgeous in almost every color of the rainbow, save red, which is called ruby. Blue sapphires just happened to be the most popular and sought after type of sapphire for thousands of years, hence its name, which simply means, “blue gem” in Latin. To this day, the blue sapphire is the most in demand and popular type of sapphire. Background Corundum, which is the scientific mineral name for rubies and sapphires, is the second hardest crystal known (second only…

Focus On: Pearls

Focus On: Pearls For more than 4,000 years, man has prized pearls. They are considered the world’s oldest collected gem. As far back as 2300 BC, records indicate that pearls were the prized and exclusive possessions of Chinese royal families. In ancient Rome, pearls were worn as a symbol of wealth and prestige – in fact laws existed to prohibit the wearing of pearls by those not deserving of them. With such a history of exclusivity and rarity, is it any wonder pearls still draw such attention and envy to this day. Cultured Pearls Cultured pearls are real pearls, grown…

diamond bracelet

Focus On: Diamonds

Focus On: Diamonds A Brief History of Diamonds The word diamond alone invokes countless images of importance and value: rare, precious, beautiful, striking, sparkling, fiery, tokens of love, and countless others. Created deep within the earth more than 3 billion years ago and brought to the surface by volcanic activity, the majority of diamonds seen sparkling on fingers today are more than 100 million years old. Each stone’s complex characteristics cannot be duplicated, and no two diamonds can ever be the same. Each diamond, like its eventual owner, is endowed with a personality and character uniquely its own. With such…


Website Re-Design

Website Re-Design – New Look For A New Era So, what do you think of the new look? All comments and suggestions are welcome! Let us know what you think…this is really all about you. What else can we do to make navigation easier? More informative? Funner?