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Outright Purchases

Selling Outright

Sometimes circumstances don’t allow for a long consignment process. We understand. It’s not our favorite method – historically consignments have yielded much higher returns – but ABA can and will try to negotiate a price for the outright purchases of individual pieces or entire collections. Our database of hundreds of dealers and collectors throughout the United States and internationally will find the most suitable buyer(s). Often within a couple weeks.

Like with consignments, for an outright purchase, we’d start with pictures. ABA will provide a complimentary evaluation based on photographs and detailed information submitted.

Since we’ll be looking for a fast offer, an in-person visit to inspect the property and additional photography will most likely be required. Since the buyers will be purchasing without inspection, details are important, so access to the pieces is essential.

If the estimate we provide is adequate, we’ll proceed to drawing up a Outright Purchase Agreement and finding a buyer and a final purchase price that will never be below our estimate.

In most cases, ABA will negotiate with the buyer on a finder’s fee, so no commission would be assessed to the seller.

We’ll even include clean-out services at your request.

Dealers & Collectors

If you’re a dealer or collector interested in being in our database of buyers to be called in cases of outright purchases, let us know.

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