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Sell With ABA

Sell at Auction with ABAAre you moving? Going out of business? Retiring? Need to make room for that last great acquisition? Do you need to dispose of a family members estate? Have you simply exceeded your storage and display space and need to sell to make room? Know someone who has?

ABA invites all of our clients – past and present – to consider us next time you or someone you know has need to part with your treasures. All of our estate dispositions and consignments are handled professionally and confidentially. ABA is well-known and regarded for handling of estate and businesses of all sizes; since 1979, we have auctioned more than $200 million in merchandise for more than 750 estates, 200 businesses, and 3,000 individual consignors.

How to Begin

The process of selling your merchandise begins with a real-world estimate of the value of your goods. The vast majority of items we accept are taken on consignment – meaning we physically transport your items to as many auctions as it takes until they sell. We then take a commission on the sale and the proceeds are remitted to you after 30 days.

If the auction process is not for you, we can also negotiate an outright sale – the entirety of what you want to sell for one fixed price paid up front. This can take anywhere from 5 to 21 days, depending on your merchandise.


ABA accepts consignments throughout the year. We would be delighted to review any item you wish to consign and have a realistic conversation about the important expectations, like how much and how long:

The process begins with an image of what you want to sell. ABA can provide you with complimentary estimates based on photographs; please also provide any information you may have about the piece: history, condition, etc. Submit images by email to info@abaauction.com or by mail to ABA, 464 Boston Post Road, Orange, CT 06477. You can also submit images of what you’d like to sell and/or consign directly from this site.

If circumstances allow, we may schedule an in-person visit.

We will contact you with an informal appraisal of the market value and an auction estimate for your items. Commission rates are flexible and will be determined by the total value and demand of the consignment.

To consign, let’s start here.

Outright Sales

Sometimes circumstances don’t allow for a long consignment process. We understand. It’s not our favorite method – historically consignments have yielded much higher returns – but ABA can and will try to negotiate a price for an outright purchase of what you’d like to sell. Our database of hundreds of dealers and collectors throughout the United States and internationally will find you the most suitable buyer.

Like with consignments, we’d start with pictures. ABA will provide you with complimentary estimates based on photographs and information submitted.

Since we’ll be looking for a fast offer, an in-person visit will most likely be required.

In most cases, ABA will negotiate with the buyer on a finder’s fee, so no commission would be assessed to the seller.

We’ll even include clean-out services at your request.

To sell outright, start here.


Though shipping is the responsibility of the seller, ABA can assist in the process by offering suggestions for domestic and international transportation companies, for your consideration.